As a self-made businessman I’ve invested in Santa Ana and am committed to our community. I currently serve as a Transportation / Environmental Commissioner for the City and have worked with local residents and companies to improve the quality of life for all of the residents of our community. I strongly support public safety, and as a consultant in this industry, I know the importance of providing safe and sound neighborhoods.

I am fiscally conservative and oppose the proposed sales tax increase measure. My platform includes:

  • Improve the business approval process and increase economic development.
  • Keep City Hall efficient and to promote jobs.
  • Improve the communication between our community and Police Department.
  • Promote our beautiful City including the World renowned Bowers Museum, the Santa Ana Zoo, and Discovery Center.

I am a family man and my children have attended public schools in Santa Ana. I know the value of hard work and in being a strong role model for my family. Please vote for Miguel ” Mike” Gonzalez if you want someone who is passionate about giving back to the residents and the City that we love.